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How to add your company's Terms and Conditions to RFQ and Purchase Orders

1.  From the “Organization” Menu icon select “Legal”

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2.  Enter the terms and other information you would like to include in the Editor.

The Purchase Order and Request For Quote have separate text editors, so make sure you populate each. 

3. Click “SAVE” when you are done on each tab!

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Your RFQ and POs will have these terms appended to the transactions.

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Sample legal T&C’s

MMM Mechanical, Inc.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of order expressly or by shipment of goods or commencement t of work hereunder shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  1. ACKNOWLEDGMENT - This order is subject to the immediate acceptance; it becomes a contract when Seller receives a written Purchase Order from the Buyer It is a condition of this order that any provisions printed or otherwise contained 1n any acknowledgment hereof inconsistent with or in addition to these terms and conditions, or any alteration in this purchase order shall have no force or effect. The contract contains the entire agreement t between the parties and failure to enforce any of its rights hereunder shall not constitute a waiver or such rights or any other rights hereunder. Reference in this order to Seller's quotation does not imply acceptance of any terms and conditions thereof.
  2. WARRANTY - Seller expressly warrants all materials and goods covered by this order for a period of one year from the dale of verified delivery. The seller further warrants that materials and goods covered by this order; (a) shall be of good quality and workmanship and free from defects. Latent or patent: (b) shall conform to the drawings, specifications, descriptions and samples furnished or specified by Buyer; Without Buyer's written consent, no materials may be substituted in lieu of those specified.
  3. BUYER'S DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS - Seller is to work within and with respect to tolerances and limit at owns spec1fied on draw ins covering the work. Verbal changes for tolerance revisions are not grounds for non-comp lance with drawings or specifications regardless of their source. All specifications, drawings, notes, instructions. Engineering notices. technical data, and/or equipment referred to in this Purchase Order are incorporated by reference. Such information will not be used. or disclosed to others by Seller without Buyer's prior written consent, and shall be returned to Buyer upon demand or upon completion of Sellers obligations hereunder.
  4. CHANGES - The authorized agent for the Buyer shall have the sole right by written order to make changes from time to time in the work to be performed by Seller hereunder. If such changes materially affect delivery or the amount to be paid by Buyer, Seller shall notify Buyer immediately and such change shall be made only if authorized in writing by Buyer. No additional charge will be allowed without the written consent of Buyer.
  5. PRICING - All prices are firm through delivery and must not be higher than that indicated on the written Purchase Order or last quoted without the written consent of the Buyer.
  6. PACKAGING AND CARTAGE - Seller shall suitably pack, mark, classify and ship all materials to prevent damage to any goods during transportation. No charges shall be made for packing, boxing or storage unless authorized by Buyer in writing. Seller shall properly mark each package with Buyer's order number, address and, where multiple packages comprise a single shipment, shall consecutively number each package. Purchase order number shall be shown on invoices; itemized packing list must accompany each shipment.
  7. DELIVERY -The time (or times, if delivery is to be installments).method and place specified in this order for shipment or delivery are of the essence. Verification of delivery must be provided at the time of delivery or upon request at time of invoice.
  8. ACCEPTANCE- If any of the goods are found at any lime to be defective in material or workmanship, or otherwise not in conformity with the requirements of the order, including drawings and specifications, if any, Buyer, in addition to any other rights which it may have under warranties or otherwise shall have the right to reject and return such goods at Seller's expense, such goods not be replaced without suitable written authorization from Buyer.
  9. QUALITY - Seller shall not deliver to Buyer under this order any goods manufactured by a process, or containing raw materials, different from the process, raw materials or proportions of raw materials previously used by Seller in the manufacture of goods on which quality specifications have been mutually agreed upon unless prior to delivery Seller shall have notified Buyer thereof and Buyer have agreed thereto. Seller shall be liable for all losses that Buyer may suffer if Seller does not comply with the requirements of the preceding.
  10. QUANTITIES - It is the Seller's responsibility to furnish the proper quantity called for on this order. No variation in quantities specified herein will be accepted as compliance with this order, except by prior written agreement.  Buyer reserves the right to return excess shipments at Seller's expense.
  11. SITE WORK - If Seller's work under the order involves operations by Seller on the premises of the Buyer or one of its customers, Seller shall lake all necessary precautions to prevent the occurrence of any injury to person or property during the progress of the work and shall indemnify Buyer against any and all loss which may result in any way from any act or omission of Seller, it's agents, employees , or subcontractors .and Seller shall maintain such Public Liability, Property Damage, and Employee's Liability and Compensation Insurance as will protect the Buyer from said risks and from any claims under any applicable Workmen's Compensation and Occupational Disease Acts.
  12. INVOICES - Separate invoices must be rendered for each shipment indicating purchase order, part number and all other required data to positively identify  buyer's requirements and compliance to Buyer's Order. Invoice on final shipment must be marked "complete".
  13. PAYMENT TERMS· Unless noted on the face of the purchase order, customary payment terms apply. Customary terms are payment of invoices net 30 days upon receipt and approval of invoice and verification of delivery