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Create and Submit a Request for Quote (RFQ)

Create and Submit a Request for Quote (RFQ)

Once you have your project created and populated with your project items (see documentation if you need help with these tasks) now you begin the procurement tasks.   Creating a Request for Quote, or RFQ, can be done stand-alone (not related to a project) or project-specific. The steps in this article are for a project-specific RFQ.

REVIT - HPH RFQ Workflow to Vendors

The HPH app allows contractors to send RFQs directly to vendors.

Below are the steps to create and submit an RFQ.  The example below will use a single Work Order,  but you can send out any combination of items.  (Note: You may find it helpful to explore the filters, sorting, and other features of the item grid when selecting items to include.)

Click here for a PDF version of the instructions.  Call 800.890.0820 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.