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How to process a QuoteExpress Update

The price update process has never been easier.   You will still receive an email notification. When you receive the notification, simply log-in to CINX and select the appropriate QuoteExpress icon off of the main menu.



When the new page opens, you will see a list of available downloads. Select the update or full (initial load) download you would like.

To view the contents of the update (or full) file, click to view the bulletin.


This will download the file to where your browser is defaulted to donwload files. (this will vary by browser. If you are unsure of where your browser downloads files, please scroll to the bottom of the article and look for your browser type.)  An important reminder - you'll need to make sure you overwrite your previous update file! If not, your browser will rename your file and the update will not work properly.  Please call 800.890.0820 with ANY questions.

The rest is as it was when you used e-Office.  Just make sure QuoteExpress is looking to import the file from the same location as it was downloaded!

In QuoteExpress:

Go to FILE and select Data Update from the bottom portion of the menu.


A price update window will open, and make sure you navigate to where you have the update file (either in the default download for your browser, or where you have have moved the file).

 quotewindow two


Click OK!

To find where your browser saves your downloads and select the option "Always ask me where to save files".

By selecting where to save the files, you can direct your browswer to nay locaiton you woudl like, and also make sure you overwrite the existing update file.

Mozilla Firefox -



on the general tab, it tells you where files are downloaded to on your computer.


Chrome -

Click the three lines on the upper right section of the screen, and select settings.


scroll to the bottom and select Advanced settings.

scroll a bit further down, and it will show you where the files are downloaded on your computer.  This is also where you select the option to have your browser prompt you where you would like to download the file to on your computer.  So you can ensure you get it in the correct location, and overwrite your existing update file.



for a complete listing of browsers, please see related article covering browser default downloads.