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Customer Menu explained....

The Customer application is where you can set up and manage your customers. The Customer App is also the foundation for a Project.

When you come to the customer application landing page, you can search for your customers using the alphabet strip, the search panel on the left, or check your "recent customers" widget.


If you need to create a new customer there is a 5 step "new customer" wizard that will walk you through the set up process.  Please note, only starred (*) fields are required fields.

Once in a specific Customer, you can use the menu ribbon to set up and maintain buildings, as well as other customer information (addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, contacts, documents).



A brief explanation of the customer ribbon menu options, and potential uses -

Customer Profile - contact information and logo upload

Account - account #s, account representatives (from your organization) and e-commerce integration (for use with your distributor)

Locations - as described above, each customer may have multiple locations. For example, a university may have each building set up in your CINX account. This is where the locations are set up and maintained. Simply click the "add building" and proceed through the wizard (3 easy steps designed to gather the applicable information for that location)

Projects - a listing of each project for this customer.

Contacts - a list of contacts for the customer - for example, you might include owner, project managers, administrative support, A/P, etc.

Documents - a location to store and access documents specific to this customer.

It is important to note that each project will have a similar set of tabs so project specific information can be defined at the project level as well.