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Autodesk REVIT - Creating an RFQ

The HPH REVIT add-in allows contractors to send RFQs directly to vendors.

Below are the steps to create and submit an RFQ.  The example below will use a single system, but you can send out any combination of items.  (Note: You may find it helpful to explore the filters, sorting, and other features of the item grid when selecting items to include.)

  1. Synchronize the project.
  2. From the VIEW ITEMS menu, filter or select the items you would like to put on the RFQ.  In this example, we will use the VNT system.  The easiest way to do that is to drag the SYSTEM NAME column header to the space above the grid:browser with system filter
  3. To select ALL items in a system, check the box on the SYSTEM NAME line:project browser with 1 system selected
  4. Click CREATE RFQ in the upper right cornerProject browser create rfq seletion
  5. Complete the Create RFQ Screen (depending on default settings, this may be populated for you).  Click CREATE in the lower right corner of the box.createRFQ Screen
  6. Click the SUBMIT button.RFQ Submit
  7. Select the desired Autosubmit option.
  8. Autosubmit RFQ message

YES = RFQ is sent through to the vendor automatically.

NO = RFQ stops on the CINX site.  This would be for companies that have a purchasing team that needs to review the RFQ.  From the CINX UI it can be submitted to the Vendor.

CANCEL = Returns to the RFQ

Once submitted, you and your vendor(s) will receive emails confirming the RFQ submission with details and links to the RFQ.  That is your vendor’s cue to log into their ERP system and respond with a quote.

Please note, you can use the filter in the upper right corner to exclude joints, ancillaries, product types, services, etc. You can also group items by HPH Code, Database ID, or view all individual items (Ungrouped view).

You can also find a pdf of the instructions here.

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