Market Condition Update – Import Fittings & Flanges

Import Forged Carbon Steel Fittings & Blanks

Smith-Cooper has released an update on Forged Steel fitting pricing and availability following the filing of an anti-dumping suit by the US Department of Commerce. As a result of this action, Smith-Cooper is warning about impending shortages and is implementing a multiplier adjustment and new list price sheet, effective December 1, which will result in a 30% price increase.


Import Carbon Steel Flanges

Boltex and Weldbend have released an announcement detailing their request to U.S. authorities to investigate trade practices of Spanish, Indian, and Italian manufacturers of finished carbon steel flanges. Their concern is that manufacturers are continuing to illegally dump products into the U.S. market and failing to pay the required duties as required by the anti-dumping ruling by the Commerce Department earlier this year.

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