September 8, 2020 Update has been posted

New Database Updates have been posted!

Plastic DWV Fittings – PVC and ABS

Charlotte, Mueller, and NIBCO have all implemented new PVC and ABS Fitting price sheets. The new sheets represent an approximate 10% increase over the August 2020 price sheets. The September 2020 pricing is included in this update.

Plastic Pressure Fittings – PVC and CPVC
Charlotte and Mueller have implemented new price sheets on their Pressure PVC Fittings. Charlotte has also issued new price sheets for their Pressure CPVC-CTS and ChemDrain CPVC product lines. The September 2020 pricing is included in this update.

Commodity Resin Pricing

Plastic industry news sites are also reporting increased pricing for Polyethylene and Polypropylene resins.

Carbon Steel Pipe Pricing

Most domestic steel pipe mills issued a $40/ton increase in late August. HPH has been in contact with our local sources to determine if this increase is being implemented at the local level. To-date we have processed one local price change (Boston) and will be releasing others as they are received.


Upcoming Changes -

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