Copper Tube and Plastic Pipe DECREASE

Copper Tube and Plastic Pipe

HPH has received notification from a regional vendor that there will be a 7% decrease on copper tube and a 10% decrease on plastic pipe.

HPH is closely monititoring the copper tube and plastic pipe manufacturers and will process any price changes as soon as they are made available.

NIBCO Copper Fittings Announcement

Varied Price Change from NIBCO

NIBCO has announced new copper fitting price sheets, effective February 9, 2015.


NIBCO has stated the new price sheets will be available on the NIBCO site February 2, 2015.  HPH will process this price change as soon as the new price sheets are available from NIBCO and post new updates for your Estimating, CAD, Accounting/Purchasing systems.

For more detailed infromation, please open this news item or contact HPH.  800.890.0820 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.